Do you have:

A centralized database of prospects and customers?
Web leads that automatically populate your database?
Organized quoting or billable hour tracking system?

Specializing in process consulting and putting your business system into CRM software, we can help!

Mission Statement:

Why is our approach better?

Take this scenario:

How Pillittieri, Inc. with CRM will help you!

With Pillittieri, Inc. it is all about Managing Customer Relationships.  Many companies service computer networks and sell high-end software, so what makes us different?  Our approach is proactive rather than reactive. 

In short, we partner with your company, analyzing the network, software and databases used in daily operation.  With Enterprise Solutions for Anti-Virus, Mail Servers, Operating Systems and CRM Software, we find the right fit.

We’re driving our car to work and it breaks down on the side of the highway.  After several phone calls, a tow to the garage and grease on our outfit we arrive late for work.  The day is ruined before it begins as we spend our time anxious about getting our car and paying the bill!  Because really, how many of us like taking our car to a mechanic? 

After spending hundreds even thousands of dollars, our car is now back to where it was before it went to the shop.  We are no better off than before the problem occurred and can’t help but think, “What a waste, if my car wouldn’t have broken down I could have saved money!” 

This is the reactive approach.  In some cases it is necessary, but when it comes to your business there is a better way and in the long run you will actually save money!

Taking current business practices, Pillittieri, Inc. specializes in putting them into CRM Software.  Through process consulting our qualified staff will help refine a process or even replace it if need be.  Looking at the end results first, your newly customized software package will produce all necessary reports!

How many open quotes do you have?  What is your sales forecast for next month?  Who was the last person to make contact with a given customer?  When you call a prospect, is it easy to recall your last conversation?  It is easy to remember your top 10 customers, how about 11-20?  With a properly implemented CRM package, you’re in the know!  Information is at the finger tips on a customer by customer basis.  Why run to the shared filling cabinet when at a few clicks of the mouse, you have everything you need to know?